Matti McCambridge: Monsters

Bingolla 12. – 28.10. nähtävillä Matti McCambridgen Monsters.


Monsters is a solo exhibition of print drawings and paintings by Matti McCambridge (1978) that investigates joys, fears, tribalisms, ideals, and conformities. It posits a realm of strange, sometimes startling creatures and scenes just beyond day-to-day habit or convention—such as the mingling of thoughts and expectations in a sudden kiss; the longing in a musical performance; or places and histories that collide in a romantic relationship.

McCambridge lives in Oulu, Finland. He grew up in Northern Ireland, a mile from the sea and an hour by car from tall mountains. His first teacher called him a ‘dreamer’ and sent him to have his ears tested. He loves to draw, write, and sing.

McCambridge has a Finnish mother and an Northern Irish father, which meant macaroni casserole on weekdays and fried bread with baked beans on Saturday mornings. He has only seen a moose twice.



Avajaiset 11.10. klo 19, tervetuloa!


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