TM™ näyttely Kulttuuribingolla 12.-31.12.2014

exhibition by

Otto Byström (FI)
André Chapatte (CH)
Emma Jääskeläinen (FI)
Boyon Kang (KR)
Akuliina Niemi (FI)
LM Salling (DK)


Kulttuuribingo Mäkelininkatu 29 OuluWe’re all born in the 80s. We all work with something relating to our specific time. Manic health obsessions, inner life as something weak that should be controlled and shaped according to some shit advice from some miserable tumblr girl. Ass focusing gender war…

We got all reasons to succeed but that’s why we fail (especially us from north), which leads to some cynical mental position that can be seen in the new over aesthetification of material. And the body. In the end our body is the only thing we have a chance to control, but even that is impossible.

Humans are trapped between needing to believe and constantly questioning these believes. Everything is fucking yin/yang, and our generations seeks to remove the 2 little spots that connects the two sides.

Thanks Momtm_poster_net